How To Unblock Your Hike Account For Limited Time [First On Net]

Unblock Your Hike Account For Limited Time

If you are seeing this error. Then sorry to say you that your account is block.
I had tried two times and got succeeded. I can’t guarantee it will work for sure but chances are more than 50%. I had tried maximum of 600Mb Blocked Account. Not Working in account having 800Mb+ So Hurry Up.
Exclusive founded by Me –

Steps :-
1. Open Hike > Rewards > Redeem.
2. Fill both operator and circle wrong.
3. Now Select Postpaid if your number is Prepaid and Vice versa.

4. Tap on Recharge.
5. Hiva ! You will not be getting this above error. [If error is still there then after 5 mins]
6. You will get error of Unsuccessful Recharge and your account is unblock.
7. Now go for Talk time redemption.
8. If Recharge goes unsuccessful then try again.

Precaution :-
> Don’t back after tapping on Redeem Data, until your all process ends.
> After getting recharge don’t use that account for referring.

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