UPDATED – Unlimited 3G Data For Vodafone Users [Proof Added]

 Unlimited 3G Data For Vodafone Users [Proof Added]
Vodafone is giving free 3G Data worth 297rs that is valid for 28days. You can do it multiple times to earn unlimited data. So hurry up.

Steps :-
1. Text Message ACTMI297 to 144
2. Hiva ! You will get confirmation sms regarding it.
We don’t know in which circle it is working. So try at your own risk.
Working in Delhi Only.
Thanks Aman & Srinivas for telling us about this offer.
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10 thoughts on “UPDATED – Unlimited 3G Data For Vodafone Users [Proof Added]

  1. Hi,

    I had recharged my Vodafone Prepaid 3g on Sept 17 for around Rs 800-900 (which gives 6 gb and unlimited data at slow speed after 6 GB is used).

    I sent the above ACT SMS and got the confirmation. But speed is still slow. I sent the SMS multiple times. Do I need to recharge specifically for Rs 11?

    Plz advise.


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