MakeMyTrip – Unlimited Loot Trick [No Mobile Number Needed]

MakeMyTrip –  Unlimited Loot Trick [No Mobile Number Needed]

We are here with Unlimited Loot Trick of Make My Trip. This trick is First On Net on our Blog. Most important thing it is absolute Free of cost. Some blog are asking for Rs. 10 or Rs. 20 to disclose the trick by making visitors fool that they have to pay to Developers. But In HiVA26, I am the only developer and the only thing i need from you is Support and Love.

New to MakeMyTrip : Know Here [Read This First]

Requirements :-
> Rooted mobile phone or Rooted Bluestack Download From Here
> Xposed Framework Installer – Download From Here
 (In above version of Bluestack, Xposed is inbuilt)
> IMEI Changer – Download From Here
> XPrivacy – Download From Here
> Bluestack Tweaker Or Device ID Changer

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Steps :-
After Downloading and Installing all the above apps, Follow these steps.

Open MMT App and Copy your Referral Link.

2. Now Clear data of the app and uninstall it.

After Uninstalling, Change Value of Android Id and IMEI.

Now Restart your device.

Download MMT app from your Referral Link. [But Don’t open the app after installing it]

Then Open Xprivacy and Find MMT app.

Now click on “?” Mark in MMT App and Deselect all sub options.

Do the following changes :

  • Just scroll and find Identification option and tick on that.
  • Just scroll and find Phone option and Tick on that.
  • Then find System and Tick on it and Explore it.
  • Then find “getinstalledpackages” in that and make a tick on it.
  • Again Scroll and find SHELL and Tick on it and Explore it.
  • Then Tick on ‘sh‘ & ‘su
  • Click on right top side Three Dots in a row and go to settings. Scroll Down and Tap on randomize and save it.

Open MMT and Create any fake account.

10. Hiva ! You got credit of Rs. 200 credits successfully in your main account.
11. Just Repeat the process From Step no. 1.

I had tried this trick on both Bluestack as well as in Rooted Mobile. This trick is working but sometimes after doing all thing also we didn’t get credits.
For Ex – If I had tried 10 times then I got credits 7-8 times, so keep patience and try it.
If suddenly you are not getting credit then Try with different Referral Link.

Update : Till 3rd November only you are able to use 100% MMT Wallet Money. After that 20% will be maximum allowed to use MMT Wallet Credits.
Thanks to my friend Aadil for sharing this trick with us.
Leave a comment if you have any problem.

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30 thoughts on “MakeMyTrip – Unlimited Loot Trick [No Mobile Number Needed]

  1. Hello, admin vivek , now this trick is not working anymore, after signing up popup appears that i have earned 500, but wallet shows 0, and amount left on pending refer & earn section, now this is hard to find what they are detecting, if they will detect original android registered ids then every try will fail… , so update another trick as soon as possible.

  2. Hello sir, now full wallet usage trick is not working. taking advantage of this some sellers are charging Rs.250 – Rs.300/per booking. Please post the new trick for full wallet usage. you can only do that, come on bro….

  3. hi,
    so i actually didn’t try out this stuff…but i downloaded the app by the refferal link from my BF and didnt get any money in my wallet, and neither did he. i could use some help? idk why it didnt work 🙁

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