Siya Ke Ram – Read 5th February 2016 Written Episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 5th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sunaina and Chandrabhaga smiling seeing Sita. Bhoomija………..plays………… the sisters bring Sita for haldi ceremony and make her sit. Ram comes for haldi and greets Rishivar and Guru Vashisht. He gets blessings. Mangal bhavane…….plays……… He sits for the haldi. Narad says its time, Mahadev the haldi is starting, you both will be attending it. Mahadev asks will you not come. Narad says no, its not time for me to attend it. Mahadev asks Parvati to come. She says no, our ways are different, you go to join groom’s side, and I will join bride’s side. Mahadev says as you wish. She disappears. Mahadev smiles.

Sunaina and everyone smile seeing Sita. The rishikanyas sing the haldi song and apply haldi to Ram. Sunaina applies haldi to Sita, followed by Chandabhaga, who is equally emotional. A white pigeon comes there and Ram looks at it. Ram sees Mahadev and smiles. The pigeon flies towards Ram and sits on the haldi bowl. Everyone look on. Shiv Shiv…..plays……….. Ram closes eyes and greets Mahadev. The pigeon with the haldi feet sits on Ram, to apply haldi to him. Rishikanya says it seems like entire nature and world is taking part in this marriage functions. Ram gets haldi applied and sees the pigeon flying away. He gets up and folds hands. Ram Ram…..plays……..

Mahadev comes back in devlok. Narad greets him and says you took such avatar that no one could identify you. Mahadev says except Shri Ram. Narad asks what, did he identify you. Mahadev says he is Lord Narayan’s avatar, its not surprising that he will identify me. Narad says sure, but Mata Parvati did not come now, don’t know how will she apply haldi to Sita. Mata Parvati comes in simple attires and everyone turn to see her. Sita sees many women around Mata Parvati, and sees her godly avatar. Sunaina asks who are these women. Sunaina greets all of them, and welcomes them in Sita’s haldi. She says sorry, but I did not identify you. Mata Parvati smiles, and says she has Bholenath’s sevak, she is his devotee and lover, she stays in Kailash, she got to know Devi Sita’s marriage is happening with Shri Ram, so we came to apply haldi to Sita. Sunaina says sure, and welcomes them. Sita folds hands and greets Parvati. Sita greets all the Devis, and says she feels Maa Durga has come by their coming. Devi Parvati applies haldi to her. Sita touches her feet. Parvati smiles and blesses her by touching her head. Sita cries happily. Mahadev looks on. Parvati goes away. Sita looks at her footmarks and smiles. Parvati turns to see her and leaves. Sita greets her.

Parvati and other 8 Devi forms come back in Devlok. All the devis forms get into one, and Devi Parvati appears. Narad says Parvati has applied to Mata Sita by her 18 hands. Parvati says Swami has gone by pigeon avatar, and greets his Leela. He says no, you have gone in NavDurga and applied haldi to Devi Sita. She asks what did he bless Ram. He says what can I bless Narayan, but he is in human form, so I just wished he solves all the problems in his life and become Maryana Purshottam, and you… She says Devi Laxmi has taken Sita’s avatar to support Narayan, I wished she succeeds in her motive, and she becomes best example of spiritual living in tough situation. They ask Narad when will he go and how. Narad says I m Narayan’s servant and do as his Das. He disappears. Ram and Sita fold hands and pray. Mahadev and Parvati smile seeing them. Siya ram……….plays………. Brahmadev looks on.

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