Amazon Subscribe & Save – Get Additional 10% Discount + Free Shipping Every Month [Full Guide]

amazon subscribe and save

Welcome to the Amazon Subscribe & Save Store. Save additional 10% every month + also get free shipping. With Subscribe & Save, you will always receive discount on top of Amazon Marketplace’s everyday low price plus free delivery. You can save upto 10% on your entire Subscribe & Save order when you have 3 or more subscriptions scheduled for delivery to the same address on the same monthly delivery day. If you have upto 2 subscriptions scheduled for delivery on your same monthly delivery day, you will receive a discount of 5% off your entire Subscribe & Save order.

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How Does It Works :-

Surf Excel Easy Wash 3kg MRP 414 at selling a regular price of Rs. 309, With 1-2 subscriptions you save extra 5% and need to pay only Rs. 293. With 3 or more  Subscribe & Save you save 10% and need to pay Rs. 278 only. This is how it works.

Benefits :-

  • Save additional 10% on the regular price.
  • Monthly automatic delivery.
  • Free shipping.

Details :-

  • Update Your Subscription Option at Your Convenience.
  • Pay as You Go.
  • Cancel at any time.
  • Receive all your items by your monthly subscribe & save delivery day.
  • Get email reminders.

Steps :-

1. Visit Subscribe & Save From Here
2. Now Select a Category to subscribe.
3. Now select your desire product and Click on Subscribe & Save [See Screenshot]

4. Set quantity and Delivery schedule and number of months for which you want to subscribe.
5. Click on “Subscribe Now”
6. Now Login / Register for a new account.
7. Update / Enter your shipping details.
8. Now pay the order using any of the payment mode.
9. After that, Amazon will automatically place your orders and deliver them to you till the number of months you had opted.
Note : 1 – 2 subscriptions arriving in a month you Save 5%, 3 or more subscriptions arriving in a month you Save 10%.

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