[Free] Plate Of Hope – For Every Plate You Create Plate, KFC Will Feed a Hungry Child

KFC ‬ Plate of Hope initiative highlight 19 crore people in India who fighting with hunger. Join KFC’s add hope and contribute to end hunger. All you have to do is create your KFC Plate of Hope. For every plate you create, KFC will feed a hungry child. Max 20,000 meals to be given out.

Do you know these facts? 19 Crores people in India go hungry everyday, 15.2% of our entire population is malnourished and 3000 children die every day due to a poor diet?

Steps :-

1. Visit Charity Page From Here  [Open in Chrome or UC]
2. Choose your avatar
3. Choose your plate
4. Add your message if you want any
5. Enter your Name, Email and Click Add Hope.
6. Your are done. KFC will feed a hungry child 🙂

It’s Free, Please do for them 🙂

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