Amazon – Trick To Buy OnePlus 3 VR Loop Headset For Re. 1 Sale

Today, at 12 PM. It is the Last Sale of OnePlus 3 VR Loop Headset For Re. 1 Sale. So to increase the chances of getting the product, we are adding some tricks to buy it.


Root Required


Steps :

  1. First of all Download Repeti Touch Pro App From Here
  2. Open Amazon App, go to Flash Sale Page
  3. Set the area for clicking using Auto clicker app.
  4. It will automatically starts clicking on that area where you specify it to click for Add to Cart button.


Note : Add to Cart button will appear on Product Page for OnePlus VR Headset. So record your click even using Repeti Touch app on Product Page.


How To Use Repeti Touch App :-

  • Install Repeti Touch Pro App from above and allow root permission.
  • Xiaomi users need to allow popup window permission in Security app.
  • Repeti Touch app simply records your activity and replay it on your request.
  • Playing speed can be easily adjusted in settings.
  • Open Amazon Mobile App and go to Oneplus VR Headset Timer Page.
  • After opening Repeti Touch window, click on Red Circle button to record your “Click activity”.
  • Now click on area where you are seeing timer.
  • For a safe side click on multiple locations where you expect Buy Now button to appear after countdown timer reaches.
  • Now click on white square button to stop recording the activity.
  • Click “Blue Star” button in Repeti Touch window and click on Settings.
  • Scroll down and set your desired Replay Speed. Prefer above 10.
  • 10 means your activity will run 10 times faster.
  • Now come back and play this activity by long pressing on “Green Play” button for 2 seconds.
  • Then click on “inf” for infinite. Means it will not stop running until you tap on your smartphone’s screen.
  • Play your Click activity just 2 or 5 minutes for sale.
  • Make sure your smartphone’s time is perfect and set to automatic.
  • I hope doing this you will get your OnePlus Loop VR Headset. Best of Luck!


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