use multiple accounts of any android app in one device

Trick To Run Multiple Accounts Of Any Android App Without Root

Want to ‘Run/Use Multiple Accounts of Facebook, Whatsapp or any Similar App in Single Device ? If yes, then you are at right place. In this tutorial i am gonna tell you how can you run multiple accounts of any app in your android device.


You might have faced troubles while using 2 or more accounts of any app in your android device as you would have to Log Out every time and log in to another account for using another account. Which seems little bit irritating and most beloved messaging app Whatsapp doesn’t allow running multiple accounts on same device.
But now you need not worry about that because now you can easily run multiple whatsapp, facebook, hike, instagram accounts in your single device using Parallel Space app. This app allows you to run multiple accounts of any app in your android device by making a Parallel app of that specific application.


How Does Parallel Space App Works ?

Once you install Parallel Space, it will automatically add Facebook+ and Instagram+ icon in the app drawer along with the Parallel Space app. This app is like a sandbox where you run all the other apps and just as you launch Faecbook+ or Instagram+ it will ask you to configure a new account. Just think of it as running a browser as a different user and both the app will work in parallel space.


How To Use Multiple Accounts In One Device :-

  1. Download Parallel Space App From Here
  2. After installing the app, Open the app and click on “+” icon shown at bottom
  3. List of all apps installed in your phone will be shown to you.
  4. You have to choose the app from list in which you want to run multiple accounts in your android device.
  5. Now Tap on the icon and drag the app to the create shortcut. parallel applogin with another account hiva26
  6. Now a shortcut will be created of new app, Click on it and run your 2nd account of that app.
  7. Hiva! Finally Now you can run multiple accounts of any app using this way in your android device.

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