trick to use multiple ccd apps in one device by hiva26

Trick To Loot CCD App By Using 10 CCD Apps in a One Device [Non Rooted]

Use Multiple CCD Apps In One Device | As we know that, CCD is now giving 75 beans [Rs. 75 worth Credits] Free on just sign up + Rs. 50 per referral. So you can get one coffee at a time because it requires OTP for everytime login instead of password. But HiVA26 brings 10 CCD Modded apps which can be used in the single go. So it means you can use 10 account without any problem of logging out and logging in.


So first of all, Let me tell you that I had disable the Google maps feature of the app so that they can’t track the reality of the app. So just tap on “No” when it ask for access to detect your location because there is no need of any location tracking.


Update : Below trick is now no more working because they had the updated app, We will upload the new mods of CCD Apps very soon. Till then your patience is appreciated


Steps To Use Multiple CCD Apps In One Device :-

  1. Download the CCD Modded Apps, I have arranged the apps in the two folders having 5 modded apps each. You can download one folder or both of them as per your need :  Link 1  |  Link 2
  2. After downloading the files, you have to unzip it and then install them apps normally as you do. [Click Here To Download The App For Unzipping]
  3. Keep sure, you have to make new account in rooted device or bluestack to get the joining bonus. [If you don’t know to make account, Click Here]
  4. After creating account, Later you can login into the modded apps in the same mobile phone.
  5. By this procedure, you can avail the benefit of 10 visit in a single visit to CCD Store.


Enjoy the trick!

14 thoughts on “Trick To Loot CCD App By Using 10 CCD Apps in a One Device [Non Rooted]

  1. After installing all moded apk and logging in to these all ccd app in rooted device and later if I changed imei,android I’d for any other purpose still can these credits be redeemed without loging in??

    Will I get error in ccd outlets device that “Device not found”

  2. hello, bro please tell me how to mod any apk. i mean how to restrict the app to access phone indentity(imei, android id). i would be very grateful to you.

  3. Was good but i late to see this. And i request you to inform if there is any modded app to bypass automatic otp verification

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