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Free Paytm Cash Worth Rs. 20 By Sending Just a SMS

Get Free Paytm Cash Worth Rs. 20 By Sending Just a SMS. This offer is given to some customers which got leaked. Let us help you how to earn free paytm cash.


This Offer is Expired Now, Please don’t try now.


Steps To Earn Free Paytm Cash :-

  1. Compose a new text message.
  2. Type “RAK<space>R6*******<space>YourName” . You have replace the stars with 7 Random numbers and send it to “8082800125” from your mobile phone. [Eg : RAK R68493958 Vivek]
  3. You will get a rewarding message with Paytm Add Money Code with it.

If message comes that this unique number is used and try with different 7 random numbers.

If messages comes that this offer is exhausted then, In “RAK R68493958 Vivek” Use any other alphabet instead of R, Example : “RAK S68493958 Vivek” “RAK G68493958 Vivek” “RAK I68493958 Vivek

Offer exhausted for the alphabets : N, K, Z, J.

We will update about alphabet exhaustion, keep checking this post.

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