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Must Read – Review of Redmi 3S Prime Before Purchasing

Hey HiVA26 Readers, I will write a genuine review about Redmi 3s Prime, I got phone on 12th August and after using it for 3 days, i can give a perfect review about it. Must read before purchasing the Mi Redmi 3s Prime.

redmi 3s prime redmi 3s prime

1. Camera : Camera is really very disappointing, REDMI INDIA on facebook posted some pictures taken from Redmi 2s prime but i can’t agree that they were actually the same. I was crazy to see its camera but it is same as Redmi 2s camera, there is no extra quality improvement.

2. Mi Remote : There is a remote in this device which supports fan, ac, tv, setup box etc. I had tried with AC and Tv and it worked perfectly without any issue.

3. Fingerprint Sensor : Working like charm, no wrong detection. Loved it.

4. Memory & Ram : We are provided with only 25.76 GB out of 32 GB. Out of 3GB RAM, 1GB is already used even if no app is running is background.

5. Performance : I had deducted 0.5 Points for this only. Yes there is 2Gb Ram available but phone is getting stucked in some places like sometimes app take time to get open or phone get hang using whatsapp, gmail etc

6. Design & Look : Awesome design with fabulous look. Easy to hold and light in weight.

> So if you are going to purchase for its camera then please don’t waste your money. Its camera is just ok in 9K.

> If camer doesn’t matter for you, the go for it because performance of phone will probably increase when it will get MIUI8 Update.

Overall : 3.5/5

Deduction : 1 Point for camera and half for performance.

Still, Phone has many features. Camera quality is very good under this price, yea expectation was more. In my view, it is still best phone to buy under 10k till date.


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