activate free caller tune in jio sim hiva26

Activate Caller Tune of Your Choice In Your Jio Sim For Free For Next 30 Days

Caller Tune In Jio | Nowadays, the word JIO is common across the country “India”, all peoples from kid to aged know about Jio and but many few knows its offers limitations. Let me tell you, apart from free jio sim with welcome offer which includes unlimited 4G data and unlimited calling, they also free caller tune of your choice for next 30 days. Just follow some below easy steps to avail the offer.


Steps :-

  1. Open Text Message app or Jio4GVoice App  in your phone in which you are using Jio Sim
  2. First choose a song and find out its movie name to set as caller tune and Compose a message.
  3. Type MOVIE <movie name> and send it to 56789steps to activate caller tune in jio hiva26
  4. Now you will get list of songs which were in that movie, Just reply with serial number of that song.
  5. They will ask you to confirm by replying “1”
  6. After confirming, You will get a message from another number for activation.
  7. Hiva! Your JioTunes service had been activated successfully free of cost.



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