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[Expired] Trick To Generate Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs. 70 For Free

Generate Amazon Gift Card | Cadbury Celebrations was giving a offer card with a pre-decided code from which users are supposed to get their amazon gift card, But somehow they failed in increasing security and we got a bug from their.


THIS TRICK IS NO MORE WORKING NOW! Keep following our updates for more loot deals.


Steps :-

  1. Open Text Messaging app in your phone [Better to use Jio4GVoice to send messages otherwise you will be charges as Rs. 3 per sms]
  2. Go to Compose Message and Type “CELEB CADXXX“, Here in place of three ‘X’ you have to enter random number.
  3. Each and every time you have to change those number before sending sms, and if you hit the correct code you will get an thank you message with the amazon gift card.
  4. Send the message to “9223008585” ,  you must know that there are some series like : “CAB”, “CAD”, “FGU”, BAG”, “TUR” and many more, Instead of using CAD, you can choose above posted series or you can determine your own.
  5. Here is the example how to send a message in full format.generate amazon gift card by sending sms
  6. After sending sms, there are two type of message can be expected from them.generate amazon gift card by cadbury celeb hiva26
  7. So the text bounded by RED rectangle indicates that the same gift card is redeemed by other user.
  8. And the text bounded by BLUE rectangle indicates that the series is failed is invalid.

Note : As per Government of India, we are limited to send only 100 sms daily so after that you can switch to different number of use Hike Messaging App.

Note : The amount of gift card can be in the form of Rs. 25 / Rs. 40 and Rs. 70, depending upon the series.

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