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Dream11 – Some Useful & Helpful Tips & Tricks That You Must Know [Updated]

Hey Hiva26 readers, After a long time of playing in Dream11, I had gathered some helpful tips that you must follow to win a league and some tricks that can improve your ranking. This tips and tricks is 100% legal and doesn’t void any of the T&C of Dream11.

We have added more helpful and useful tips on the other post as promised, follow the below post after reading the tips on this page.

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So, i should mention that tips and tricks, both are different in which tips stands for the decision of best choice and best way of playing whereas tricks stands for some techniques which reduces competition.


Tips :-

Batsman vs Bowler :

I hope you are playing this game from some time. If you go through Fantasy Point System, then you will get to know that for each runs scored we get 0.5 points, so for every 20 runs scored we get 10 points whereas a bowler can grab those 10 points only just by taking a wicket (excluding run-out). So you can feel the difference.


Be Prepared :

Sites Like Team Cricket, Cricbuzz  let you slot Wicketkeepers in Batsman slots or bowlers in All Rounders slots (since Bowlers will both ball and bat).  Pick the bowlers that come up further up the middle order to take advantage of getting points in both positions.

After getting preview about the match, also check the previous matches of the team and try to select that player who is playing good in about all the matches and perform well.


Why to Choose Maximum Number of Bowlers :

As i have discussed above that Bowler should get preference over Batsman, but that was not the only reason that i quoted. We all know that a batsman can perform batting and fielding BUT a bowler can perform bowling, fielding as well as batting if his team needs him. So this is also a main point that we all must note.

Pick Bowlers that bowl the death overs, many times the most number of wickets fall towards the last overs of the match as the chasing team throws wickets away trying to hit the aggressive target.   This is where having the bowlers that close the bowling helps as they usually pick up 2, sometimes 3 wickets in their last few overs.


Whom to Make Captain & Vice Captain :

In Fantasy Point System the points are same for all players but for Captain it is made double and for Vice Captain it is 1.5 times the points he actually scored. So Choosing Captain & Vice Captain is a very tough job. Here, I can only provide a simple tip that you should choose C & VC from the alternate teams. Suppose you have selected Player1 as Captain of TeamA and Player5 as Vice Captain of TeamA which is all-rounder who comes in 5th number to bat. So what will happen if your VC doesn’t get chance to bat? I think it will depress you because you will lose your 1.5X times points.


AllRounder Capability :

All-rounder can do batting, fielding and also good bowling. Choosing all-rounder in a team can make changes in points drastically that’s why we have a limit of 3 all-rounder in a game. Basically, choosing all-rounder also depends upon luck but as we have discussed about Captain & Vice Captain, It would be advantageous to choosing C or VC to a all-rounder who can score run for you as well as take wickets.


Which League is Best to Join :

If you are thinking to join Rs. 10 as a beneficial in which you can win max Rs. 10 Lakhs then you are wrong. Always make sure that you have less competitors in leagues because many players in a league create about same time because we have a limit of credits to create a team. So on this basis, winning chances are very low.
My advice is that you should for league having 2 or 4 teams. Like Rs. 20 or Rs. 40 by paying entry fee of Rs. 12. In this winning probability is high. New players having joining bonus, join this type of leagues only


Tricks :-

I managed to found this trick which can be helpful to you and it may guarantees your winnings chances.
Suppose Betting is scheduled to close at 3 pm. You logged in at 2:50 pm and saw there were many leagues. Just take an example of a league which can holds 3200 maximum of teams and this league won’t cancel even if they don’t fills up. At 2:55 pm only 1500 teams joined this league, which means your chances increased by 55% and you don’t have nothing to lose because to win your rank should fall under 2,000. So by 3 pm only 1800 teams joined the league out of 3200. So basically you are a winner just your team will decide that what cash prize you will win.
See screenshot of different leagues that i joined using this trick. Be sure to check at the last moment and any such league is there, then join it.
All screenshot are of the last minute.



Copying this contents without our permission can make us to take legal action against you.
Please feel free to comment if you have any problem.

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119 thoughts on “Dream11 – Some Useful & Helpful Tips & Tricks That You Must Know [Updated]

  1. hai bro. iam new to dream 11 and not much aware about the teams and the best players in it so how can i decide to select a player for a particular position. till now i have selected the players according to the rating given to them. but in my point of view that makes me to disappointment, i haven’t win even one match, give me some guide lines to select the players. it will be helpful to me for further winning. till now the players whom i selected, by the time the match starts, among 11 players only 4 or 5 players are getting points and remaining of them are still in 0 point. so i don’t understand what is the fault i did. but all the players are which i have selected are listed in the team.
    after seeing this please understand my view and give me some guidelines
    thank u


  3. I am researching enough before the game.. Still getting unlucky most of the time. D u have any particular trick to make the win hapen. I mean wbom should I choose or whom should I not choose. Please suggest some good winning combo tricks

  4. hi bro..you are intelligent.your statistics is impressive..i loved your bowlers concept very well.i won leauges because of your tricks..i join only 20 rs leauge…i loved you very much…

  5. Hii bro.. I selected 11 players but two or more players is not participating the game so i earned zero points.. Please help me for how to identify all playing 11 players.. Provide some useful tricks and websites.. .

  6. Hi, bro , I am new to this game and I don’t know how to select a team , which player I have to take ..
    Please guide me bro

  7. Hey, all! It was not possible to reply all of you individually. So, I only want to say is that.. Select the players who are currently in the form and the last thing “Never Loose Hope”. Because this game is all about luck, if your luck works. You will be able to make Millions.

  8. guys pls use my invite code BAAPY1XY ,we both get 100each and i am new so plss help me by using my referal code ..thanks in advance

  9. I like it Broo
    And many many thanks to u
    Give the tricks of dream 11
    Becoz I am always lose the league
    So many many thanx

  10. How to find exact playing 11 which are playing in team …… many times i lost bcoz my players dont play
    I always chck cricbuzz but they give false info. Abt plying 11 .
    Please let me know…

  11. Hi bro,
    I like this game. But i joined many times . Really its dis appointing. There is no use to play. Is their any way to win the match. Can you please help me.

  12. Thank you for share your tricks and i really greatful to you..
    but i have some major problem in dream 11 so i need your help can you please call me or whatsapp me on {Number Removed}

    • If there are 2 winners tied for the 1st position, the sum of the 1st and 2nd position prize money will be distributed equally between these 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for the 3rd position.

  13. hello there , i am planning to join and playing fantasy cricket .so please let me know the rules and regulations and also the paying amount that we have to pay for it .thanks

  14. Brother can u please suggest a best site where I can select which exact player is playing I have seen in cricbuzz the players which they show are not seen in my team it’s a great loss please suggest me bro.

  15. Many times i have played but i failed in every contect so plz help me sir can u send me the preductions for ENG-W Vs PAK-W.

  16. Hii mene bhuot achi team Diya hai Kai bsr dream11ko me bhuot expert hu koi help Leni hai to please call kro apki position no lane ki Puri guarantee meri …my mobile no is {Number Removed} , sport expert.

  17. For Captain or Vice-Captain whom should I select batsman or all rounder.
    If I select all rounder as C or VC. If his bowling performance is bad I loose points more because of his economy rate.
    Plz suggest

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