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Dream11 – Better Playing Tips To Select Best Team For 2019

Hey HiVA26 Readers, After posting about dream11 tips select team and tricks, I got huge response as appreciation and for writing more, So i examined more in the game system and again i am here with some useful tips and small points which is usually missed by most of the dream11 players.

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About Dream11 :- dream11 tips select team

  • Dream11 is India’s Biggest Sports Gaming platform with 4 crore+ users playing Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and NBA. It is a Game of Skill that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge. Fans can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance and compete with other fans.


Quite Better Tips :- dream11 tips select team

1. I already discussed about the capability of the All-Rounder. But as a powerful point, I am adding some more views upon it. So, we all know there is a limit of playing only 3 all-rounders in a team.

Choosing of All-Rounder should be done in efficient way, like picking up the in form all-rounder players. As a all-rounder, he should perform well in all the forms or atleast he should do somewhat better in all.

Some exceptions you can ignore but try to pick the consistent player. You can also boost your score by selecting All-Rounder as VC or C but REMEMBER, there will be always a risk for you “If he doesn’t gets a chance to Bat”.


2. As I heard about the team-matching software working, I have prepared this.

You have to start with joining the league with a comparatively weaker team like a team with players that might not play the game or make out of form players your captain and vice-captain.

On getting this type of input, Software will automatically match you with the similar opponents. So let the league gets full, after that you can change your team according to your strategy. This will give you advantage to be in TOP.


3. Let’s discuss the common problem. After picking the best batmen, best bowler and ofcourse best all-rounder too. This leads to a shortage of credits to pick other players. So now you are required to drop some so-called best players. But this is what I don’t recommend.

Avoid doing this, instead play wisely by picking up the player who is consistent and not the best (on average case). In this way, you will get some Best players and Some good players (who may turn Best in the game, everything is Luck here)


4. Also there are some not much talked topic which should be handled accordingly.

For example, whether the Cricket Ground Pitch’s is bowling pitch or batting pitch. You know from whom side to choose maximum if Pitch condition is biased.

Another example, Weather also comes in play. So if its cold and foggy it will help seamers and if its hot and dry, spinners will get more edge.


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Hope, this tips will help you in becoming expert in selecting players. As promised, I will keep my searching going on to provide you more tips and tricks.

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dream11 tips select team dream11 tips select team dream11 tips select team

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