UPDATED – Hike Messenger Loot – 25rs Talktime Per Friend [Unlimited Trick]

Hike – Get 25rs Talktime Per Friend

Messenger – India’s one of the widely used Messenger app allow you to
stay connected with your friends and love ones. Indian style stickers
and lot more customization available. They are now running a new
Referral program in which you can earn free Hike SMS along with it earn
Free Data with Hike.

Steps :-

1. Download Hike Messenger app now – Click Here
Use Our Referral For The First Time To Support Our Work.
2. Open the app and Enter your Mobile number to continue.
3. Verify your mobile number by the OTP Sent.
4. Once Verified Enter your Name and Age (One the next step).
5. Select Gender and proceed further.
6. Now you are a Hike User.
7. Go to Menu > Invite Friends.
For each refer you will get Free Hike SMS + 25rs Talktime per friend that joins hike on your refer. On Sign up you will get rs Talktime credited.

Checking / Redeeming Hike Data Balance :-

> Click on the arrow at top-right side. Click on “Rewards/Extras”.

> At top most you will see “Rewards” Option > Tap on it.
> Here you can see your data balance and other related information.
> Once you earn At least 50rs Talktime, you can redeem it.

Unlimited Trick :-

1. Clear Data Uninstall the Hike app > Change IMEI From IMEI Changer > Change Google Advertising Id > Change Android id > Change GUID.
2. Restart BS and Download Hike from your Referral Link.
3. Open the app and put your Own Number.
4. Now enter the OTP that you got.
5. Cool, Your account verified and you will get your Data in your Main Account.
Follow all steps again & again with your own link to get Referred Amount.

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