[Winners Announced] HiVA26 – No Contest! Only Giveaway – Win Upto Rs.260 Paytm Cash + Photo Gifts

HiVA26 – No Contest! Only Giveaway – Win Upto Rs.260 Paytm Cash + Photo Gifts

Hello Hiva26.com Readers, as its 26th of March. So we were planning for a Small Giveaway. Yea, we promise “Hiva Promise”, No contests only Giveaway.

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We Will Giveaway :-
260 Paytm Cash
3 Photo Coffee Mugs
2 Photo Magnets

About Giveaway :-
As we all know, there are 24 Hours in a day. So Every 10 Paytm cash will be awarded to the first commentor in any of the post. Suppose its 2:00 pm, so the first person to comment in any of the blog post will be winner of that hour. Each hour contains 10 Paytm Cash Reward. So in this way, We will giveaway 24*10 Paytm Cash to the all 24 Hours Commentor Winner.

Now what about the remaining 20 Paytm Cash. So to maintain the number “26”, we adjusted the prize for the Time Period “12:00 A.M.” & “12:00 P.M.” In this time, We will select two winners means the winner will be First Person to comment as well as the Second one. Only for this Time : “12:00 A.M.” & “12:00 P.M.”
So by this we had fulfilled the 260 Paytm Cash Giveaway.

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Photo Gifts :-
Photo Coffee Mug : The Persons who had commented at first for the most of the time. Suppose 3 peoples had posted twice at the first position and Remaining 20 peoples posted for one time, then they are also eligible for Photo Coffee Mug.

Photo Magnet : Behind The Tricks, This is hidden. Just do your best, Rest leave us on. This will get disclose at 4:00 P.M., 26th March’16.

Some Do’s & Don’t :-

  • Just Comment “Hiva”
  • User must use their Google account to comment.
  • Only one winner will be selected for the Specific time period except the Exception
  • Winner will be notified about the Prize distribution after the Giveaway.
  • Photo Gifts will be ordered directly From Zoomin to your Doorsteps.
  • Users have to give their Photos to us to get assured Gifts.
  • An individual can win multiple times to win Photo Coffee Mug.
  • Comment can be on any post.
  • Giveaway will be Live from “12:00 A.M.” & “11:00 P.M.” , 26th March’16

> No any spam, abusive language etc will be tolerated.
> Our Decision will be final and can’t be challenged.

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Winner Selection :-
Well, We will post the Name of the person along with his/her profile link in this post only so that you can manage your rank and winning chances. So, you must use only google account to comment.

Winner List :-
12:00 am – Shefali ChaurasiaANKIT KUMRA
01:00 am – Mohit Rajan
02:00 am – Sumeru
03:00 am – Mohit Rajan
04:00 am – Mohit Rajan
05:00 am – Mohit Rajan
06:00 am – Mohit Rajan
07:00 am – Mohit Rajan
08:00 am – Devaj Belani
09:00 am – Rahul kumar
10:00 am – Rahul kumar
11:00 am – ANKIT KUMRA

12:00 pm – sameer rj & ANKIT KUMRA
[sameer rj commented on this post : http://goo.gl/BxEa5M ]
01:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
02:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
03:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
04:00 pm – Mohit Rajan
05:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
06:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
07:00 pm – Mohit Rajan
08:00 pm – Kaustav Seal
09:00 pm – Rahul kumar
10:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
11:00 pm – ANKIT KUMRA
 ** ENDED **

View your Position :-
Click Here to view Leadership Board or Click Here to Download it.

Rewards :-

> Winner have to mail me their Paytm Registered Number using the same Google account to admin@hiva26.com
> You can check the Photo Mugs & Photo Magnets Catalog from the Zoomin App.
> After selecting the Photo Mugs & Photo Magnets, take a screenshot of it.
> The selected winners have to mail me their pics [1, 2 or 3], address details and valid mobile number with the screenshot, else we will select the design depends upon the pic we received.
> The Photo Mug will be shipped within 3 days from the date and the tracking link will be given to the person through the communicate mail.

For any queries, Shoot us an email at admin@hiva26.com

Photo Magnet Update :-
This will be given to those participant who had tried for most of the time. No matter He/She wins or not but for us their efforts matters a lot so we will giveaway Two Photo Magnet to the person attempted the most.
To get eligible in Leadership Board, comment must be done within 10 minutes. Suppose you are going for a time period 4:00 PM, then your comment must be done till 4:10. So that your attempt will be counted in the race for Photo Magnet.

Thank you for the overwhelming response and made this day awesome.

138 thoughts on “[Winners Announced] HiVA26 – No Contest! Only Giveaway – Win Upto Rs.260 Paytm Cash + Photo Gifts

  1. admin one question- pls restrict some users like mohit rajan and ankit kumra taking it all,its very unfair. it means we have no value,its more than enough. i am commenting to your other posts on time but you are not considering me. its frustrating,one or two taking it all ,rest of all just getting nil,its very bad. pls consider admin.

  2. Kaustav bhai jise jitne kaa shonk hota h vo hr halat m jitta h and mehnat bhi karta h bhai mera time dekhle jab sab so rage the tab m khel raha the its your luck bus try karo

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