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Mi Air Purifier 2 The Smart Way To Breathe – First Open Sale on 26th September

We know eating clean is better for the body, and the same applies to the air we breathe. Mi Air Purifier 2 is simple, elegant and has a new compact design that is 40% smaller than the first Mi Air Purifier. Despite this, it still offers a high 310m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) ② and  takes just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room.


Mi Air Purifier 2 Will Be Available at Rs. 9,999 Only.


Mi Air Purifier 2 Features & Specifications :-

♦ Dimensions

  • Height: 520 mm
  • Width: 240 mm
  • Cord Length: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 4.8 Kg


♦ Performance

  • It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 310 m3/h which is the international standard for measuring air purifier effectiveness.
  • Higher the value of CADR, higher will be the effectiveness of the Air Purifier.


♦ Smart Modes

  • Mi Air Purifier 2 has an inbuilt WiFi Module which helps you to remotely control it directly from your smartphone using Xiaomi Air Purifier App.
  • It is engraved with SHINYEI (Japan) particle sensor built Air-Quality Sensor.
  • Not only that it also tells you the Room Temperature as well as Humidity of the room.


♦ Power Consumption

  • It is very power efficient since it consumes minimum power of 1.5 W to maximum power of 31 W.
  • Secondly it has a global voltages support of AC 100 V ~ 220 V 50 / 60 Hz


♦ Package Contents

  • You will get Air Purifier, Filter, User Guide, Power Cord & Warranty Card in the package.


♦ Manual Features

  • Auto Mode
  • On / Off
  • Air Quality Indicator Light
  • Night Mode
  • WiFi Indicator Light
  • Particle Sensor
  • Manual.


♦ Smart Phone Controls

  • Adjust Speed Control
  • Time
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Detect Temperature and Humidity
  • Detect Air Quality.


Grab More Details About Mi Air Purifier 2 From Here


We will update before one day of sale 🙂

Mi Air Purifier 2’s CADR is measured under specified test  and capacity conditions with targeted pollutants (particulate and gaseous) with measurement units in cubic meters per hour (m3/h).

  • Results according to Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Centre’s CADR test report. Takes 10min to circulate clean air in a 21m2 room, 2.4m high.
  • CADR is affected by room area and height. Mi Air Purifier 2’s effective area is based on the GB/T 18801 Air Purifier standard: Effective area=CADR x (0.07-0.12). Data taken from Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Centre’s CADR test report.
  • Install the Mi Home app to control Mi Air Purifier 2 remotely. Noise levels on High-speed mode will be higher than Normal or Night mode.
  • Toray EPA filter removes extremely fine particles and contaminants including airborne allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, etc.) as well as bacteria and some viruses.
  • Results according to Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Centre’s CADR test report.
  • Mi Air Purifier 2 uses 58% less energy than Mi Air Purifier when both devices are on High-speed mode. 4.8W power consumption takes place when in Normal mode.
  • Appearance details may vary slightly with different production batches, and may be subject to change without prior notice.


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