Thank You For All Your Support – It’s Time To Say GoodBye!

Hello HiVA26 Readers, I know many of the readers will not be happy for this but this was necessary.

HiVA26 – Behind The Tricks was originated on 18th August’ 2015. Its viewers and starting traffics was only from WhatsApp Group and Broadcast List. But day by day and keep working on Search Engine Optimization i managed to get traffics from Google also and it was only our readers supports that we had got adsense approval on the first try. It was going good and better until we reached our first anniversary.

Here is the link of the first post that we had posted :

As promised, we have served all the deals and offers till the end of this ‘Blog Journey’. But Still you can read the old post whenever you need it.

Still HiVA26 is going good but not as before So we decided to close the blog permanently as I don’t want to sale this blog at any cost. No new post will be published nor any post will be updated. Effect from 26.11.2016

There are many blogs like us even better than us which offers deals and promotional offers. One of them is which I trust the most. You can follow this blog and trust me you will never regret.

At last, if you followed us. Below are the images of some loot deals that we had shared and which you will love to see.



Free Tees From Zippr



Small Gift From Shopclues. 50 INR in all accounts.



Bought From Pizza Hut Using Little App Vouchers



When FreeCharge Offered 100% CB at CCD Outlet



While Purchasing Bourbon With Free Paytm Cash On Every Pack



Free Slonkit VCC Holder as Surprise Gift



and Dominos Loot Started



When Amazon Offered This at Rs. 19



Kitkat With Free Paytm Cash Was Like Icing On The Cake



Yepme Loot, All Those Free Products



The CCD Refer & Earn Which Helped us in Tasting All The Beverages.

HiVA26 will always miss you.



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